Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sharing the Knowledge

As a lifelong learner, I continue to learn about new tools and strategies which help improve my professional practice as an educator (and read articles that challenge my thinking). Here are some that I learned this week from my PLN:

  1. Speaking Fox - Unfortunately, Click, Speak doesn't seem to work easily on the Mac OS. SpeakingFox takes care of that and allows free online text-to-speech (TTS). Add it to your school toolbar and show all students how to use this tool. Some students may need to hear one word; for other students, this free tool makes the text accessible.
  2. Audio Pal - Add audio to your blog, wiki or website. Can record your own voice or add TTS. Free and cool possibilities
  3. Signed Stories - Many signed picture books with audio attached for hearing viewers.
  4. Try Different - Seth Godin always makes him points, concisely. "If it's not working, harder might not be the answer." Think of the applications in your daily work as an educator.
  5. Good Riddance to Print - NYT article. As eText becomes more mainstream, this has implications for our students who have print disabilities.
Please share anything new you learned this week or articles that challenged you.

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