Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Inclusive Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Resources to Reach All Learners (Middle and High School)

     As we teach the significant work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, it is essential to provide resources that support all learners. CommonLit, a free digital tool, offers a variety of inclusive instructional materials to commemorate his important contributions to society. It includes the following embedded scaffolded supports:

  • read aloud (text to speech) features
  • ability to adjust the font size, 
  • side-by-side translation into thirty-three additional languages
  • ability to highlight and/or add annotations,
  • guided reading mode with additional supports to help readers better understand the text
  • paired texts to provide background information, build knowledge and provide context
  • embedded definitions of more difficult vocabulary
  • related media resources
The short video below demonstrates several of the features. 

    There are texts supporting all content areas for working with learners in grades three through twelve. I highly recommend CommonLit to add to your inclusive instructional materials toolkit. 

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