Monday, April 13, 2020

Awesome Tools for Connecting With Your Learners During Remote Learning

The ability to communicate and connect with your learners with ease is essential during this time of remote learning. You know how important it is to build community and reduce stress and anxiety, even from a distance. But how is that possible when you are no longer able to be in the classroom with your students? The loss of face to face connections is disruptive and difficult, especially for some of our youngest learners. 
There are options that can help. Consider trying one or more of these tools to reach out to students so they can see you and hear your voice, repeatedly, if necessary:

1. Flipgrid - Flipgrid allows you to make "Shorts." "Shorts allows you to use the power of your camera to share videos with anyone, anywhere!" This is especially important as a quick and easy way to reach out to your students. Learn more here
2.  SeeSaw - SeeSaw allows you to quickly create a video announcement to send out to your students and families. To do this, Select Add (+) > Send Announcement > Add Attachment, Record your Video and then send it out to your students and families. 
3. Clips iOS App - One of the most fantastic, fun ways to send out a message to your students. It can even automatically add closed captioning in any language for your ELL students. Check this out if you haven't ever explored it

4. BookCreator - Book Creator offers the opportunity to embed videos in a book you create and share with your students. Book Creator has made collaboration available at no cost for the rest of the school year. There are unlimited ways to use this feature to help your students connect with you and each other. 

5. Embed a video message in any presentation tool you use such as Google Slides or PowerPoint in Office 365 and share it with your students using Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams. 

You may also offer office hours to offer synchronous connections with your students. Asynchronous contact can be just as vital for check-ins and positive messages.
Please share any other ideas you are using. We are all in this together, sharing our great ideas to reach all learners!

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