Thursday, June 02, 2011

Why Not Twitter?

If you've ever heard me present, you've heard Twitter is the best professional development.
Free, just-in-time, whenever, wherever and total access control.

Well, Scott McLeod's blog post came across my reader tonight and it makes the case for Why Not Twitter better than I ever could. Here's an excerpt:

Dear educator, if you were on Twitter yesterday, you might have found:
  1. this awesome reflection about working with a teacher on technology integration; or
  2. these resources about ‘learning styles’ and whether they’re a myth; or
  3. this list of ideas about how to rethink awards ceremonies; or
  4. this list of 100 free apps to check out for that new iPad you just bought; or
  5. this update about the thousands of new online resources that PBS will provide you starting this fall; or
Read the rest of the post here to learn fifteen more things you missed and why you need to be part of the Twitter professional development experience. 


MrsEsposito said...

Hi Karen: I am a Grad Ed student in Special Education at Gordon College. I am taking "Integrating Technology in the Classroom" with Kathy Favazza. Last Thursday evening, Kathy planned to have you speak with our class via the web. Unfortunately, our Internet service at Gordon was out and we were unable to connect with you. I have just reviewed your blog and am so excited to have found it. Your work in UDL is inspiring! Thanks! Carol Esposito

Lindsey said...

Hey Karen,

Sorry about the off-topic comment, but I couldn't find any contact info for you on the blog. I wanted to ask about a guest post. Please drop me an e-mail!



bdmtech said...

If you like this blog you will love

Karen Janowski said...

Carol, thrilled you find the resources helpful on my blog. You may also want to explore the UDL Tech Toolkit wiki with numerous free resources listed by subject/content area. (
Lindsey, I added my email contact information. It's important to get that out there via my blog so thanks for asking for it.
BdmTech - you have an excellent blog with daily tips. Thanks for all you do! I'm more than happy to share your blog.
Thanks for stopping by.

Your Therapy Source said...

I agree 100%. I learn so much on Twitter. People never understand when I say I learn from it. It is still stuck in people's minds that it is silly updates i.e. just bought a coffee. I think of Twitter as my own personal search engine for the topics that I am interested in.

Scattered Mom said...

I love twitter! Besides finding community, it's a fantastic source of information. I find it really sad that it's blocked in my school district.