Friday, April 27, 2018

Changing the Default Settings in Google Docs

Here's a short video I created to demonstrate how to change the default setting in Google Docs. It's not an intuitive process so make sure you watch it and share the technique with all your students.
Three reasons.
  1. The defaults are not appropriate for most students. Who likes Sans Serif? Who works with font size 11 and how about the spacing? Our students need a larger size. The younger the student the larger the font size. At a minimum change it to 12 for MS and HS and anywhere from 14 to 18 for elementary school.  Also, let your students customize the font to what works best for them.
  2. More WHITE SPACE. Google defaults to 1.15. Change it to 1.5 or double spacing, especially for elementary age students.
  3. This saves time. Your students may be changing the font, size and spacing when they open Google Docs. They won't have to waste time doing this any longer. Also, what if they forget to change the settings? Customizing the settings works best. 

Hope you share this tip with all students!

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