Friday, October 20, 2006

CTG Quick Report

Quick post! It's been so exciting to be out here in Minneapolis with the many giants in the field! What fun to network, share and learn new information and tools. My personal top two favorites thus far:

1. Kudos to Cricksoft for their clever, creative giveaway - They are giving away lanyards that include a promotion for a great new product, Clicker Paint. You have to find the match for your primary color combination on your "badge" from among the other participants and you win a $100 gift certificate. It's got people talking!

2. If you are at CTG, make sure you stop off at the Custom Solutions booth. Brigette Nicholson has developed two new products that must be seen. One is a perforated "AdaptiTray" that allows every positioning combination possible. It's a wonder this hasn't been created before. Ask her about her new "desk station." Also, Custom Solutions has some great online tools, including data collection. Check it out!

Have to catch the bus for the day's activities!

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