Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Universal Truths

Universal Truths - you've heard them before:

Anything that can go wrong, will.
The other line always moves faster.
In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.

Doug Johnson (Blue Skunk Blog) referred to a previous BSB post in his version of a rant today which led me to these pearls of wisdom and humor. He speaks from experience as a media specialist and those of us working in assistive technology can relate to many of his rules and laws. In addition, I'm sure we can add a few of our own. Here are a few to get us started.

Assistive Technology Rules, Laws and Observations:
  • Ignorance about assistive technology is not an excuse for avoiding the topic at an IEP meeting.
  • Assistive Technology consideration is not limited to AlphaSmarts.
  • The more features added to a software program, the greater the likelihood it will include bugs.
  • Those bugs are guaranteed to appear during professional development.
Feel free to add your own.


Assistive technology said...

I always referred to these laws as Murphy's Law. Most people don't realize that glasses are assistive technology. They think it's something remote and uninvolved with them. It couldn't possibly be anything related to the program their mother uses to magnify text on her computer, or the claw reacher that they themselves use to get cans down from the high shelves in the kitchen.

Jason H. said...

How about: Anything running on or in Windows will crash.
This is of particular interest to me lately with the recent trend of Windows based AAC devices.

Samuel Sennott said...

I'm sure I won't need "that" cord or that "thing" for this assessment/session...

Karen Janowski said...

Sam, Jason and AT,

Thanks for stopping by - you've added some great rules as well.
Keep them coming!