Friday, April 25, 2008

The Flip Video - More Reasons to Love It

David Pogue at the NY Times created this humorous video showing the wonderful features built into the Flip Ultra Video Recorder. I've written about it here, but if you haven't had the chance to see one for yourself, watch the video. Pogue says it's the Number one selling camcorder on Amazon.

Not surprising to me - special educators love it!

Learned about this from Sam Sennott at Alltogether.


Anonymous said...

Karen, Seems like David Pogue helps a great deal lately, reviewing MacSpeech Dictate too. I have always appreciated his work.

Beth Poss said...

Ok, Karen, you sold me from the moment David showed the built in USB connector. This is after I spent 20 minutes combing my office and my laptop case for the connector for my Sony Handycam, only to realize that it was at home, and now I can't transfer the video of my student using her AAC device until I get home from work tonight (and help my daughters with their homework, take them to their riding lesson, make dinner, and get them to bed, by which time I will be too tired to get any work done, and I will just end up sending an email to the mom and teacher, apologizing and promising to do it tomorrow--so goes my life!) I definitely could be so much more productive with this tool! Hmm, maybe for Mother's Day--I know I deserve it!