Friday, December 07, 2007

Student Voices

Student centered educational practices are paramount for me as an educator. I am always seeking out students' perspectives to better understand what it's like to be a learner in the 21st century. Appreciating learning style differences is an essential consideration in my practice as an assistive & educational technology consultant.

With all that said, I am thrilled to highlight the launch of a new website created by students from various parts of the world, globally connected through 2.0 tools. Check out this link for Student 2.0. Read their words for why they started:

For decades, students have been put in classrooms, sat down at desks, and told how to learn and what to learn. For a time when students were expected to become widgets for the vast machine of industry, this model of education was highly effective. However, we are now entering a new age: an age where thinking is more important than knowing, where the thought trumps the fact. Borders are melting away; project teams collaborate across the globe and intelligence is being continually redefined. The world’s information is at our fingertips and anybody can publish their thoughts for virtually no cost.

Everywhere, we see changes: in how business operates, in how people interact and success is accomplished. That is, we see changes everywhere besides the closed bars of education. The system continues to “stay the course” upon a falling ship. Yet, the widgets within the machine are no longer content to grind away. Ideas are popping up everywhere, across the globe. Students are continually redefining their own lives and how they want to learn and interact.

Adults and teachers talk about education and students, but rarely invite students into these discussions. Fortunately, this blog plans to change that by offering authentic student voices about education. This is not a gimmick, there's no puppet master: we're intent upon confronting the issues of modern education, never backing down from a challenge.

challenge isStudents 2.0 is challenge for leaders and teachers alike: are you willing to listen to students.Students 2.0 is challenge for leaders and teachers alike: are you willing to listen to students. challenge for leaders and teachers alike: are you willing to listen to students.


Thriving in School said...

It'll be exciting to read what these kids have to say. Hopefully it will help to shape our practices!

TLC said...

Karen, don't you wish they had this when we grew up?

I like the energy of that blog, very edgy sometimes, and very thoughtful others.