Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Larry Ferlazzo's "Best of .... for 2007"

Larry has created an incredible resource for educators teaching ELL, EFL,and ESL and I have blogged about in the past. Now he has compiled a list of his 14 Best Web 2.0 Applications for all educators and it is clearly worth a look. No one does a better job of accumulating resources that benefit students and teachers.

But he didn't stop at creating just one list. He has put together a number of excellent resources by categories - Best Math Sites, Best Social Studies Sites, Best Science Sites, Best Online Learning Sites, Best Web 2.0 Applications for ESl/EFL Learners, etc. They can be accessed here:

Larry Ferlazzo's Best of the Year Lists


Larry Ferlazzo said...


Thanks for sharing my lists with your readers, and thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you're finding the lists helpful.

I've probably got one or two more lists to go, including one sharing the "Best of the Best" -- all the different sites I've ranked number one in the various categories.

Depending on how ambitious I feel, and the time I have, I might also do one on Math Games (not just ones specifically for English Language Learners).

Happy Holidays!


Karen Janowski said...

You do amazing work - thanks for stopping by. Tonight, I had the good fortune to share your blog with a friend of my daughter's who teaches as part of the Teach for America program. She teaches in a middle school in Texas with a large percentage of ELL and ESL learners. Good thing she has a school break as it will take her that long to peruse the many resources in your blog!
Keep up the great work.