Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Proloquo2Go - Affordable AAC is Now Available

Check out the latest affordable and super COOL communication device available for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the iTunes App store, the Proloquo2Go or P2G for short. Read more about it's release at Sam Sennott's blog.

Sam had a dream when the iPhone was first released. He envisioned an affordable AAC tool that would capitalize on the touch screen application of the iPhone and would allow students to have a dynamic communication device in their pockets. Now, his dream has been realized because he never stopped putting kids first. He partnered with David Niemeijer from AssistiveWare to develop the software and go throught the process of iPod/iPhone App approval.

To purchase the app, click here. It is currently offered at an introductory price of $149, far below what is typical for a dynamic communication device.

Congratulations to you both, Sam and David. This is an example of a dream fulfilled.


Dan Callahan said...

Awesome! Passed the info on to our autistic support teacher and Assistive Tech person! Thanks, Karen!

narrator said...

Every year at CSUN I beg every developer I meet to create mobile phone-based apps, because this is really the future - handheld, multipurpose technology. In AAC so far the only system to really do this is Cyrano, which I love, and which is less than 1/3 the cost of any equivalent system, until now.

Proloquo2Go seems like a fabulous idea. I do see some limitations - but that's true of any device. And my thought is that, with ASD, this might be the best solution out there.

So now, rather than thinking $5K or $7K for AAC we can think $500 or $1500 - and with systems which make kids look cool, and feel like part of their own peer group.

The technology keeps getting better, now we just need our schools to catch up.

- Ira Socol

judy o'connor said...

I saw this and Sam at Children's last Friday-guess what my son is getting for his 16th birthday this week! I love the "coolness" of it. I think he will be more willing to take it to the movie theater, out to dinner, in the parks.