Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ideas to Inspire - Amazing Resource

Looking for inspiration today?

Here's an amazing resource that I learned about from Kevin Jarrett's blog. Ideas to Inspire is an incredible, interactive, collaborative resource comprised of Google presentations filled with exciting curriculum ideas.

It's difficult to highlight particular presentations since they are all informative and instructive. Explore "Inspiring Writing" or "Interesting Ways to use Netbook's" or "Pocket Video Cameras" or "Interactive Whiteboards" or "Google Earth" and "Google Docs."

There are ideas for all grade levels.

These ideas that inspire clearly support multiple methods of engagement, representation and expression and will support students with diverse learning needs.

Try them all under each category and have your class rate their favorites. There are enough ideas that can last you the entire school year. Have fun exploring your favorites with your students!

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Elona Hartjes said...

Thanks for the link to these wonderful resources. I'm going to share these with my colleagues.