Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ending the Global Creativity Crisis

Saw this video on Jim Gates' blog and had to share.

Tony Buzan, the originator of mind mapping, spoke to an audience of teachers about the research pointing to a serious, global Creativity Crisis. He articulated the central role of teachers to nurture brilliance and creativity to overcome the consequences of not teaching how to learn.
His words are powerful;
...there is a catastrophe occurring; it is a demolition of creativity, a demolition of dreams.
It is not creativity vs. curriculum or curriculum vs. creativity. Creativity is the engine of all curricula.

Watch his presentation here:

Then, watch this entertaining video of Sir Ken Robinson at TED 2006 asking, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Help put an end to the global creativity crisis. Recognize, value and nurture creativity.


samuel.sennott said...

Right on! I like when he gets to saying you have a choice to teach people how to learn and then start learning, compared to just trying to learn everything rote.

Gosh, sounds like the MCAS problem in MA. Yet, I think that demonstrating learning is good. Maybe if the MCAS was founded on a more "higher order" thought process like this one presented here, we could truly show more.

Dee said...

This is one of my very favorite videos!

Larry Ferlazzo said...


I wanted to let you know that your blog will be one of five I'll be highlighting on Blog Day 2007 (August 31st). I know your is not necessarily "new," but I think it will be new to my readers.

Keep up the great work!