Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quote for the Day

"From the moment a child gets out of bed in the morning until she is safely tucked in at night, there's one central mission: the avoidance of humiliation at all costs. We have to be so careful not to subject them to public humiliation." — Dr. Mel Levine
Does your classroom environment promote dignity, respect and self-confidence (the opposite of public humiliation)?

The end of the school year is upon us. Much time has passed to understand the children in your classroom. Have you identified strengths in each of your students and capitalized upon those strengths for success during the school year? Have you recognized the uniqueness of each student in your classroom? Do you realize that every child wants to be seen as successful and competent?

Put yourself in the shoes of the student who struggles with ......organization.... or attention.....or writing...... or reading......or math.....or social skills......

Have you embedded supports that will prevent public humiliation and compensate for learning diversities? It's not to late to impact a child, to build upon the inherent motivation within each of the students in your class.

Look for some blog posts in the next few days, about free technology supports that address each of the areas of struggle above.

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