Monday, April 23, 2007

Deconstructing Word Problems

Spent some time over at Teacher Tube and discovered this video about a "New Approach to Word Problems." Well, that was an intriguing title. Reading further, I noticed that this was a free resource which further picqued my interest. Free is always good and worth exploring!

Thinking Blocks is a creative, interactive math resource to help students understand how to solve word problems. It is designed for second through sixth graders and is a very cool math resource. The video helps to explain how it works. Then, explore the website to try it out with your students.

Many students can benefit from this type of interactive, engaging approach. Add it to your math toolbox!

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Colleen said...

Hi Karen,
I'm not sure if you've made the connection or not but I'm the person who created the video as well as the Thinking Blocks program. We met in Second Life(Kristy Flanagan, Bloggers Cafe) and in the WOW chat room a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for speading the word about Thinking Blocks.