Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Online Bookmarking Resource for Educators

Practical Tip of the Day for Web 2.0 Neophytes -

Ever find yourself at home trying to retrieve that favorite website that you saved on your work computer? Ever try to upload all your home bookmarks to your work computer? Did you know there is an easier way?

Del.icio.us is a free, social bookmarking tool that allows you to have access to all your favorites no matter where you are as long as you have access to the Internet. This means you can retrieve your bookmarked sites ANYWHERE! How awesome is that?

John Pederson at Pederson's Designs has created a Del.icio.us Guide for Educators. He includes links, screen shots and simple text to take you through the process of understanding how to use Del.icio.us. It's a great resource that simplifies the process and explains how to tag and create networks.

For those of you who like to organize your favorites into folders, it's possible to bundle them into categories for easy retrieval like this:

It's also possible to collapse and expand the bundles. Funny, I looked everywhere on the Del.icio.us webiste for info on how to bundle links but couldn't find any information. I think you will find it to be pretty intutitive anway.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Luis Perez said...

I am interested in Assistive Technology as well. I'm glad I found your blog and look forward to future postings.

I'm very interested in the use of the iPod as an assistive technology, but I'm afraid this will be made more difficult once Apple upgrades to the new full screen version, which will not have any buttons.

PS--I can't believe this is only my second time commenting on a blog. The first was this morning at pedersondesigns. I have always watched the blogs in Netvibes and Bloglines, but never took the time to comment.

Karen Janowski said...

Thank you so much for commenting - it's nice to know that people are learning from what is written here. I wish I had more time to blog but life is so busy right now!
Feel free to drop by again or subscribe to my blog.

Linda said...

Hi Karen,
What a great blog! Have you found that teachers have not been able to install the del.icio.us buttons due to all the locks on classroom computers? I'd love to recommend this site to folks who are frequently switching computers and need their "favorites" but wondered about this issue. Thanks for any comments.