Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Almost Best Collection of Apps and Extensions for Special Education

Do you spend a lot of time searching for the most effective apps/extensions for your students? With thousands to choose from, how do you decide?

The web is filled with collections of recommended apps for special education. Some of the "Best of" lists are better than others. Some are categorized using a system that is difficult to follow. Some Top Ten Apps for Special Education include apps for the widest possible range of special needs, rendering the author's recommendation of the top ten apps meaningless.

Instead, I've compiled helpful collections of resources for educators working with students with special needs. Here are recommendations I believe to be excellent compilations of apps and extensions to use with students with special needs:

  • Friendship Circle Apps - Excellent app reviews and recommendations by category - Communication, Social Skills, Education, Life Skills, Behavior, Speech and Language and Scheduling 
  • Learning Works for Kids -  Well designed and an innovative way to search for apps by Thinking Skill, Learning Skill or Learning Challenge. 
  • Bridging Apps - Extensive Search capabilities, search by keyword.
  • AzTech Crazy for Chrome - A Symbaloo collections of recommended Chrome Apps and Extensions for struggling learners. 
Of course, when considering tool recommendations, it is essential to ask What tasks does the student need to perform that are difficult or impossible? How do we build upon the student's strengths to promote engagement, success, independence and a joy for learning? It's not just about the tool, but for many students, the tool makes things possible. 

Are there any outstanding lists I've missed? Add your recommendations in the comments section. I love to learn from others.


Unknown said...

My son is special needs and my wife and I want to do extra work at home to help him get better academic skills. I think this list of applications will help us know how to help him better, through each subject. We want him to be as functional as possible. If nothing else, these apps will tell us what he can and cannot do.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful blog, Thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

So cool to see that Apps are now being used in the educational world. I would have loved to have some of these when I was in school. That would have helped me out a ton.

Barnett Don said...

This is really helpful. The use of technology in special education makes the process of learning more interactive. I live in New York City and it's good to see that special education programs here are using various apps and innovative technology to engage students effectively.