Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evaluation Ponderings....

Questions I'm pondering this morning.....

What does a "good" Assistive Technology evaluation for learning look like?

How does the model used by other special education professionals (Psychologist, Speech and Language Pathologist, Special Educator, etc) influence the current AT Assessment model?

How does the federal mandate that evaluations must be performed in all areas of suspected disability affect our assessments? 

Is it time to rethink Assistive Technology evaluations/assessments and create our own model which includes the fact AT consideration/assessment and implementation must be a dynamic and a team process?

Is this too huge a paradigm shift for special education which expects an assessment format to which they are accustomed?

Is this too huge a shift for those of us who specialize in assistive technology to take on?

Should we move away from an "expert" model to something else? What does that look like?

I thank Brian Wojcik for continually challenging my thinking which stimulates more questions and fewer answers.

Thoughts? Answers?

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