Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ira Hits it Out of the Park Again

We are living in a time of drastic paradigm shifts and revolutionary game changers. Social media (read/write web) is an invaluable game changer and allows me to access great educators throughout the world. I have learned more in the past few years because of new media and have developed a Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN) as a result.

Ira Socol is one of the most brilliant members of my PLN and today I refer you to two of his recent blog posts filled with practical recommendations for classroom instruction change and home/school communication change.

The tools are readily available - back channel conversation tools, text-to-speech, speech recognition, Do Not Disturb signs (a personal favorite), Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc. Read how Ira recommends using these tools to promote student engagement and learning. His ideas incorporate "21st century teaching" and Universal Design for Learning to benefit all students. As always, he says it better than I ever could.

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