Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Spelling is the spoiler of thought. -- Richard Wanderman, February 2001.

So what do you about it in your classroom?

(Possible solutions will follow in a subsequent post)


loonyhiker said...

I had my students write without worrying about spelling. I was interested in them conveying their thoughts in words as best as they could. Then we would read it together and I would correct the spelling. They would write the correct spelling in a "personal" spelling dictionary we made so they could refer to it again later. During the year, I could see their spelling skills improve.

Joe said...

The relationship between thought and writing is a direct one. Writing begets thought. Good thinking can is best expressed through writing that has correct spelling and grammar, is conveyed in a logical order and with the writer fully anticpating the needs of the reader. Message: good writing is hard to do.