Wednesday, December 09, 2009

UDL Learning Tools

Some parts of the country have an unexpected Snow Day. Do you need something to do?

I encourage you to explore the redesigned "CAST: Learning Tools" resources. CAST continues to offer invaluable resources that make our jobs as educators easier.

For the first time, they have created a resource targeted toward Science teachers called Science Writer. It is a free web-based writing tool that supports middle and high school students in the science report writing process using principles of Universal Design for Learning.

Not a Science teacher? Then explore the other FREE Learning Tools which are appropriate for all grades. These tools include embedded prompts which guide students through the learning process. Once you have created an activity, such as when using the UDL Book Builder tool, it is available to all students from one school year to the next.

Add these tools to your Educator Toolkit to reach all your students.


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