Thursday, October 23, 2008

Introduction to AT: Parent and General Educator Resources

Last night, I spoke to a group of parents and educators at a local Special Education Parent Advisory Council PAC) meeting. In Massachusetts, the existence of local PACs are mandated by state law where responsibilities include parent education and informing school committees about special education issues within the community.

One of the questions related to a resource for a basic understanding of assistive technology. Typically, when one person asks a question, the reality is that many are wondering the same thing. Here a few resources that provide an introduction to assistive technology. They are carefully selected so as not to be overwhelming:

  1. Federal Laws that pertain to Assistive Technology in Education.
  2. What does Assistive Technology consideration look like?
  3. Assistive Technology basics, decision making and tutorials for elementary age students.
  4. AT Cycle Toolkit -includes forms for IEP teams to guide consideration, decision-making, implementation and monitoring progress
  5. General AT categories and suggested products. Compiled by TechLearning, Oct. 2008.

Feel free to share others that you have found helpful.


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LD Techno Kids said...

Hi Karen - take a look at this: I am still working up to another posting on NVLD, life is intervening. The Stickman Software I last referred to is Pivot ( that I got from Marie in Australia. My Ld-TechnoKid loves it and I am experimenting with using it in the further NVLD population. Cheers gaild