Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Drop EVERYTHING and Watch This Keynote!

Update: Thanks to Gary Stager for some background about Dalton Sherman who aspires to one day be President. I believe it!

As Kevin Jarrett said in his blog post today, "Every. Educator. Must. Watch. This. NOW!"

This was the keynote presentation delivered last week to 20,000 Dallas Educators....by a fifth grade boy, Dalton Sherman. His passion and confidence are extraordinary. His words are inspiring. His message is critical for all educators to hear.

You have NEVER seen another keynote like this before. It is worth your time, it's impact is that significant.

"Do YOU believe in me?.... What WE need from YOU, is to believe that WE can reach our highest potential."

I wish for that same confidence for all of the students with whom I work.


Darren Draper said...

Thank you for sharing, Karen. That was fantastic!

Samuel Sennott said...

Believing in yourself, your students, their families, and your felllow teachers is good. It is great to hear this student so passionate about that faith. Good video to share with students and teachers alike.

Anonymous said...

You have to love the fact that teachers took air horns to the teacher convocation. Welcome to Texas. At least they just packed air instead of heat like another Texas school district. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish for that same confidence for all of the EDUCATORS with whom I work.

irasocol said...

opened my class this semester with this video, fabulous indeed

Ed Darrell said...

Alas, an error in accounting at Dallas ISD headquarters led to an $84 million cost overrun. More than 1,000 employees face layoffs, about 700 of them teachers.

They believe in us, but budgets is budgets.