Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cutting the Clutter

Do you notice the visual clutter on websites? Homepages filled with junk, unnecessary visuals or information that makes reading what is important difficult?

For people with print disabilities, this can be especially challenging. Enter Readability. Readability describes itself as a free, simple tool that makes reading on the web more "enjoyable" as it reduces the clutter on the screen. I think it also makes reading the web easier. Throw in a screen reader or Click,Speak and listening to text for content is easier then ever.

Check it out here:

Add it to your toolbox and share it with your students. Equip and empower them to develop their own toolbelts for success and independence beyond the walled gardens in their classroom.


Paul Hamilton said...

This is a wonderful tool, Karen! Thanks for sharing it. --Paul

Anonymous said...

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