Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spotlighting AT Successes

Check out these videos that highlight the use of assistive technology which dramatically improves the lives of two students. The first video is a bout a six year old with autism who was essentially non-verbal when he entered preschool. The effective integration of the BookWorm Literacy Tool by Ablenet promoted Josh's language development. Click on the picture below to watch this video to learn how.

The second video is about Elina, a 10 year old girl with athetoid cerebral palsy who demonstrates her alternate computer access method, her word processing skills and her use of Clicker 5 by Cricksoft. Thank you to AssistiveWare for creating this video. You can watch it by clicking the picture below.

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Samuel Sennott said...

I love that Assistiveware video and the whole video series.