Saturday, February 10, 2007

Great Day

Today was a stimulating day! Had a chance to present at the Massachusetts General Hospital Lecture Series and share Web 2.0, emerging technologies and engaging features built into Word that support students with reading and written language struggles.
It was invigorating to work with a group of educators who were unfamiliar with these tools and were so eager to learn all they could. Among other things, I showed them "Did You Know?" by Karl Fisch, redone by Scott McCleod, "Animal School" and "The Machine is Us/ing Us." I think there was a seismic shift in the room by the end of the presentation.

Here's the wiki we created that included all the links that we reviewed. Check it out and feel free to share it with anyone that can benefit.


Karl Fisch said...

It does sound like a great day - I'm glad I was able to contribute. Thanks for sharing.

Miguel said...

Karen, did you know you could download the Animal School video? The link is:

Or, you can right click it and save as from here:
(it's #7 under the videos).

That way you can carry it around with you in case Internet isn't available (wink).

Take care,

Barbara said...


Yes, I believe it was a seismic shift too! I know it was for me and for others I have spoken with since. I loved that video of the monk who couldn't 'get' the concept of how to open and read a book! It does put things in perspective. Since Sat I have felt so much more connected to news and information about the latest technologies. It doesn't mean I have to buy them use them or anything--I'm thinking about something I saw tonight about a technology for free phone calling using cell phones, etc--but that doesn't matter. What does is that I know that I can listen, be interested, aware, and NOT AFRAID of it. I can be thoughful and/or curious about it! It's really about an awareness of life in a new way. In some ways it's hard to put into words. But I know it's got a lot to do with your showing us so much and affirming our responses on Saturday! THANKS!
I'll write again! Happy Valentine's DAY!!!
Barbara (Duris)

Madalaine Pugliese said...

It's interesting to see how these videos are making their way around to various circles of folks who think outside of the box. I love that the seismic shift is being facilitated by such passion.