Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Google Earth Pro - Free to Educators!

This information comes from Kevin Jarrett who recently attended the Google Teacher Academy in New York. Click this link to discover why you should download the Pro version of Google Earth and how you can access it.

This is another one of those very cool tools that taps into the strengths of our visual learners. A picture says a thousand words and to students with reading disabilities, this can be a powerful way to bypass their learning style weaknesses.

Check it out!


Ashwini Khare said...

How is Google Earth PRO gonna be different than that released earlier.Both are 3d!

Karen Janowski said...

The capabilities of Google Earth Pro as a visual tool that accommodates for students with learning disabilities is what I'm excited about! I have no idea how it will compare to previous versions. I hope that teachers will explore the potential for its instructional use in their classrooms. Plus, it's free and that is huge for educators who have limited budgets!