Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 3 - Mouse Skills - Help Kidz Learn

Some of our early learners need help using and controlling the mouse for computer navigation..Several sites help teach this skill. Today I will highlighting the HelpKidzLearn site to teach mouse skills. Click on the Early Years Tab and then scroll down to and select Big Bang Bugs.

Watch the video:

Application: This activity targets Mouse Skill Navigation:
  1. Mouse click
  2. Mouse movement
  3. Mouse click on a target
  4. Click and drag.
You can set it up in a developmental sequence depending upon the skills of your learner. Use in a preschool classroom or with students with intellectual disabilities who need mouse skill practice.

NOTE: It is oftentimes helpful to place a sticker on the mouse where you would like the student to press. This serves as a visual cue for those who benefit from visuals.

Additional Mouse Skills Practice Sites
And you can always create mouse skills activities in Powerpoint using a child's preferred activities. I have created many using Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora, Favorite Foods, Clifford, Transformers, etc.

Do you have favorites that aren't listed?

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Dan Callahan said...

I used this today with my Kindergartners! It worked great as a way for me to quickly assess those basic mouse skills! Thanks!