Saturday, February 14, 2009

iPods in Math Class

Need another reason to use those ubiquitous iPods in class?

Scroll down to read this middle school math teacher's description of how she used iPods in her math class in a blog post entitled, "Plugged in Students." When the lesson was completed, she asked her students what they thought of it and their responses attest to the success of the assignment.
This one speaks volumes:

Here is the best quote and an insight into my reluctant learners: "I don't really like to learn but this was fun."
A vital part of the success was the students' ability to control how they received the information. Those who needed repetition could review the video as often as needed. The teacher spoke about how there was silence during the lesson (the first time all year) because these kids were ENGAGED!

The applications across all content areas are unlimited. The point is that students were engaged and in control of their own learning - they could set the pace that worked best for them, review the material as often as necessary and it was an innovative way for them to see a tool used that promoted their learning. We call this generation the plugged-in generation but they still need to be guided in how to use the tools and devices to facilitate knowledge acquisition.

Just had to share another example of success that I came across today via Twitter.

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I really enjoy your blog and will be sure to check back to see other uses for technology in the math classroom. I also have some uses listed on my blog at Thanks!