Friday, August 22, 2008

There are Jott Alternatives

Bad news for Jott users. Jott is out of beta and is converting to a three tier plan. The basic plan is still free (with ads) but the recording time has been reduced to 15 seconds; looks like the ability to Jott to folders (or subjects) which is an idea I blogged about here is still possible but is managed at

The good news is there are alternatives. I haven't explored them as yet but you can read about them at Lifehacker's blog. As always, the emphasis is on free.


Mberenis said...

Beta's always bring fun, but sometimes a lot of issues. Thank you for creating such a great blog!
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Anonymous said...

Actually, you can Jott straight to Jott Express in the free plan. Jott Express is a very nice download, sits on the desktop (not at the web site) and includes folders. Enjoy.