Sunday, October 07, 2007

Assistive Tech Network


Wonderful professional conferences. Incredible conversations and discussions.
But what do we do during the rest of the year for professional development? Technology changes so rapidly, it's often difficult to stay abreast of all the possibilities.

Enter the Assistive Technology Ning Network.

Have you heard of Ning, the site where you can create and customize your own social network? Check out the new AT network that already has almost 120 members, from around the country and throughout the world. This network allows us to connect and collaborate with educators using assistive technology with their students.

Explore the forum and discussion groups. Add a response or start your own discussion. Lurk or contribute to the activity. Share a success or a request. Follow the assistive technology consideration discussion. Or the Ablenet curriculum and accessible books discussion as part of the Literacy in AAC Forum. Or any of the many other topics. We all have so much to learn from and share with each other.


So that our students benefit from our collective knowledge.

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