Saturday, September 08, 2007


One of the topics that I have yet to address in my blog is cyberbullying. This seems like the perfect time to discuss this subject since it is the start of this new school year. Cyberbullying is an important topic to discuss with our students and preventing it is part of digital literacy and digital citizenship. These five videos may be effective tools for starting the dialogue with your students:

Cyberbullying - Feathers in the Wind
Cyberbullying Ad - School Cafeteria
Cyberbullying - School Talent Show
Bulletin Board
Brad Paisley - Online

In addition, it is crucial that we equip our students to be able to deal with cyberbullying, to not become victims. These sites provide valuable information and resources:

Stop Cyberbullying Now and The Educator's Corner on this site
Cyberbullying: Worse Than Traditional Bullying

I recommend that you talk about this issue with your students. Knowledge is power.

This post was influenced by Jeff Utrecht and Clarence Fisher

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