Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alternative to Note Taking

Some of our students have difficulties taking notes in class for various reasons (difficulty with handwriting, difficulty combining listening/hearing/attending, organizing thoughts, handwriting, eye gaze shifting, and memory simultaneously).

Barry, who writes A Plethora of Technology blogged this simple tech idea that works well as an alternative to note taking for students who struggle in this area. Take a digital image of the notes from the board with your digital camera and upload it to the class website or wiki or whatever you use) or email it to your students. You can assign the task to one of your students or snap the shots yourself.

Often times we recommend using a SmartBoard or Mimio to capture the notes but this is a low cost and very easy alternative.

How simple is that? Problem solved! Another example of UDL where this strategy may be used for one or two students but all students potentially benefit.


Jackie said...

Any experience in using a Mimeo? I just got one and am thinking of how to best use it in one of my classes. Do you use it everyday for everything? Only for selected ideas?
Any feedback would be appreciated!

Sam said...

Karen, this is great. I do this myself when I am taking classes or attending conferences. What a great quick and easy accomodation.