Friday, April 27, 2007

What is Truth? Determining Web Accuracy

How do you determine the accuracy of a particular website? Which sites are reliable and which ones not? Do you know how to validate the authenticity of the information on a site? If not, spend time learning this vital skill, part of digital literacy.
This is the changing face of literacy and requires us as educators to include digital literacy in our curriculum. We must be able to inform our students how to determine accuracy as they turn to the Internet to obtain information.
Karl Fisch points us toward Alan November's resource, Information Literacy, which details how to validate digital information, includes two information literacy quizzes and reveals how to determine the publisher of a site and read the URL for meaning.
These are crucial skills to teach our digital learners. Add this link to your Delicious account!

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Anonymous said...

This is definitely an important issue as students are using the web more for research. I help teach an American Government course at a community college in Illinois and one of the things that really surprises me is the number of students who quote wikipedia and peoples' personal websites in their research.