Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tech Advocacy

There is a segment of our student population that is too frequently overlooked when it comes to the use of assistive and educational technology. That segment is our students with cognitive disabilities.

That's my experience. Is it yours as well?

Why are these kids denied the opportunity to access these tools which can support their learning styles and promote success? I challenge you to think outside the box, today, and learn more about possible solutions.

There are so many excellent options that are typically never considered. Start with STAGES Assessment Software to determine what stage of cognitive development they are at. Then explore.

Clicker 5. Cloze Pro. IntelliTools Classroom Suite. Balanced Literacy. Start-to-Finish Books. Writing with Symbols. PixWriter. Text-to-speech in any program to accommodate for reading issues. The use of the microphone to input ideas and accommodate for written language issues, including the mechanics of writing. The autosummarize feature in Word to provide cognitive rescaling.

Teach yourself something new today. Your students will thank you for it.

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Julana said...

It sure is my experience.