Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Political Office

I took a short break from blogging in an attempt to win a local election. The timing seemed right to run for school committee to effect change in my town. (Check out my campaign statement and bio here if you are so inclined.)

The election was yesterday and unfortunately, I wasn't elected. My slogans were, "An Educator for Education, " and "Preparing our Students for THEIR World."

I don't really want to say much about the election other than it really is disappointing to believe that you are the most qualified candidate and to still lose. (Some of my own insecurities resurfaced but I quickly dealt with them.) I tried to stay away from my friends, because, really, what do you say to someone who loses an election?

Nevertheless, my passion for academic success for ALL learners remains as strong as ever. My passion for innovation, creativity and a commitment to asking questions and challenging assumptions remains as well. It was my hope to impact change in my town but it wasn't meant to be this year.

I will stay on the sidelines and share my expertise as situations arise.

Many people have encouraged me to run again next year. Who knows? There's plenty of time to make that decision. I think I'll sleep on it.... for a few months!


Brian Grenier said...


Your local community doesn't know what a wonderful resource they are missing. I really hope you decide to run again next year. Until then I am glad to know that you can focus your efforts into your consulting and blogging activities. Know that you are bringing about change to a much larger, albiet different, community through your writings.

Brian Grenier

lloydcrew said...


This friend wants to say it was just a dry run. You will absolutely be successful in due time.


Anne Davis said...

Hi Karen,

I just want to say that I think it is so commendable that you ran for political office. I think it so sad that many times the most qualified persons don't win. It is your community's loss. This post took me back to a time when I volunteered to be a campaign manager for a dear friend who was running for the school board. I learned many lessons and many of them were hard ones. My friend did get elected (even though an Atlantan who was a well-known authority on polls who we met at a workshop on "getting elected" said it would never happen!) but that's another story.

I hope you will consider running again in the future but I know how difficult campaigns can be. I do know your passion for academic success for ALL learners will forever be a constant!

Best to you,