Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Student Voices

Considering adding blogging to your teaching toolbox?

Then head over to Blogical Minds, a blog "created to explore what fifth graders blog and converse about literacies in class and beyond." This post explains in the kids' own words what blogging is to them. They have created webs using Inspiration to provide a graphical representation of the possibilities with blogging. Click on some of the links to the students' own blogs.

I also learned about another cool tool that many students used in their own blogs available at What do you think of this? (I do wish it was possible to change the font and font size.)

gif animation

Or, head over to Pre-Cal 405 Winter 2007 for Darren Kuropatwa's class blog. Yesterday's post was from Sandy, a student in the class who was the scribe for the day. Very impressive summary of the math class! She incorporated an online tool, and even Mr. K. commented that her post was "exemplary." Her classmates were also impressed with the quality of her post and seem eager to do an "exemplary" job of their own when it's their turn to scribe. (See comments.) If you look through the scribe and reflection posts, you will see that this is a class of math students who are engaged and learning!

These are two very different examples of student blogging that is happening in some schools. My hat is off to these teachers and the instructional methods they are using in their classrooms.

As Anne Davis says, we need to be telling these stories.

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sandy said...

Hi. Mrs. Janowski. I’m Sandy, the scribe from Mr. Kuropatwa’s Pre cal 40S class that you mentioned. I stumbled across your blog and the link you’ve made to my scribe post. It actually puts a smile on my face knowing that someone’s talking about my scribe and how well I’ve done. I just thought I’d leave a comment to let you know how I felt about this. Thanks for recognizing my class and I. =)