Friday, March 02, 2007

Ed Reform

Scott McLeod continues to challenge entrenched educational assumptions. With other administrators, he has started a new blog, Leader Talk, "written by school leaders for school leaders."
Today's post, entitled "Goodbye Mr Magoo" by Greg Farr, is outstanding reading and represents a call to change through redefining the Focal Points of ed reform.
If we will begin to approach all new planning and goal setting for our educational institutions within a framework of new “focal points”, I believe we can begin to implement true reforms within our schools. From facilities to faculties, from teaching techniques to technology, what follows is a proposed list of new focal points to use in framing and evaluating our views, approaches, and orientation to educational reforms.
It is inspired writing for educators everywhere to absorb. His passion for promoting constructive change will challenge your thinking. Consider just one of his focal points - #5 Break Traditions - where time and teacher certification are irrelevant, and textbooks, fixed schedules and grades and groupings should be eliminated.

This is not our 20th century classroom. This is the new face of ed reform.


Scott McLeod said...

Karen, thanks for the kind words about our new blog, LeaderTalk. Just to clarify, that post was by Greg Farr, not me. =)

Karen Janowski said...

I corrected the post. Thanks!