Monday, February 05, 2007

Free, Online Word Processors

Have you had a chance to check out these free, online word processors?

The availability and use of these tools can really benefit students with learning challenges in a variety of ways. When the students create content online, they are able to access the text from any computer and do not need to email it or save it to CD, USB drive or disk for retrieval at home. Many students have organizational issues and lose material. Now they won't have to worry about misplacing their documents any longer. These online word processors are especially beneficial when students have to collaborate on their work. It levels the playing field for the students who take more time to process information, or who have difficulty meeting with the other students in the group or who benefit from using text-to-speech to read what their peers have contributed.
Will Richardson posted this video of Zoho Notebook which takes online collaboration to a whole new level and looks very cool:

Try these out and comment about your experience. Also, please add any other ways you believe these tools remove the obstacles to learning.


PAT said...


I just found your blog. Very nice. I thought you'd like this, as its very useful to the users you seem to have a great interest in.


It's particularly useful for dyslexic learners 'on the go'. I'm partial, being dyslexic, but also the Lead Developer. Let me know if you find it interesting... Chrs
Phil Teare

Scott Elias said...

I had never seen Zoho Writer before!! It may take the place of Google Docs for me -- that is an AWESOME demo!!