Sunday, September 17, 2006


Here are some new freeware tools that I discovered and had a chance to play with this week:

1. Big Calculator - Offers text-to-speech, can easily resize the calculator, change the color settings. (This is available from OATS - Open source assistive technology software which has many other open source tools)
2. Vyew - a web-based conferencing tool for professional or student collaboration. This tool allows instant visual communication and
"vyew's multimedia workspace enables shared viewing of presentations, files, photos and one's desktop. Included are tools for whiteboarding, annotating, text chatting, and phone conferencing.

3. Newsmap - A "mashup" current events site with links to the most up-to-date stories of the day. The links can be opened and used with text-to-speech for accessibility in the classroom.

4. Public domain photos - Available under a Creative Commons license

I have used these next two tools for quite some time and use them frequently.

5. PowerTalk - automatically speaks any text in a Windows based PowerPoint presentation! Very powerful tool!

6. Imagine Symbols - free symbol software

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Beth Knittle said...

Thanks for the great list of resources.