Sunday, May 21, 2006

Creating a Community of Lifelong Learners

Where to begin? It is intimidating posting online after catching up on a month's worth of outstanding education blogs. The many conversations that are occurring connect all of us as 21st century educators. It is an astounding concept that all the gurus and mentors in the field are accessible through web logs; that thought-provoking conversations between all interested parties are readily achievable.
Our students are capturing the power of the web but unfortunately, too many educators are being left behind in the dust of the footsteps of their students.
As educators, we talk the talk of the importance of creating lifelong learners. But are we modeling that ourselves? How many of us never move beyond utilizing the productivity features of technology and do not expand into the use of effective instructional technology integration? How many of us pursue the integration of technology tools into our classrooms whether that be connecting with parents through class websites, email or blogs, bringing primary sources directly into the classroom through internet resources or harnessing the power of interactive web sites to tap into universal design for learning for all students? Are there educators in your district who turn to their students for help with technology questions or issues?

Are we modeling life-long learning ourselves?

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