Monday, October 03, 2005

The headline story in the Boston Globe last week mentioned how 1 in 4 schools in Massachusetts did not make adequate yearly progress. In reviewing the information included with the article, it was apparent that many schools did not make AYP in one subgroup, typically students with special needs. These students often have learning disabilities such as input (reading text) or output (written expression) difficulties.

It is apparent that many more students need access to text-to-speech software to improve their independence and performance on high stakes tests. This software improves their ability to edit their written work and access information.

We need to get the word out! It appears that many educators are still unaware of the options for their students. To me, it is NOT appropriate education (FAPE - federal standard) that students are dependent upon another adult to read the tests to them. What will happen when these students graduate? How does this promote independence?

It is imperative that we promote the development of successful, INDEPENDENT life long learners. Technology use is an important component of that process.

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