Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't Take My Word For It

Update 5/31/10 - a commenter reported the audio in the video is difficult to understand and suggested I include the transcript. If I have time, I will write out a transcript. In the meantime, be forwarned, you may have a hard time understanding everything Shamin had to say. I still think his words are more valuable to hear than mine. Too bad the audio isn't better.

Nothing speaks to the value of an assistive technology tool better than a student's own words. I can trumpet the value of particular tools, but the power that comes from student testimony is far more effective. In this case, the tool is the Livescribe Smart Pen. I have written about the Smart Pen before and think it's an excellent tool for students with note-taking difficulties. In fact, I use it when I attend professional development so that I can review information later.

But what Shamin Ahmed, of the Arts and Tech High School in New York, has to say is far more important for you to hear. Watch the video below.

Ahmed reported, "Since I started using it (the Livescribe Smart Pen), I've gotten very good grades in all my classes and I'm not as stressed out as I used to be.....What do I like most about this technology? I literally never miss a word." Shamin also stated, "I learned that taking notes can be fun again"

Technology works. Technology bridges the gap. Are you allowing your students the opportunity to succeed and learn that "taking notes can be fun again?" Let this device increase your students' independence so that they never have to depend upon an adult's or peer's copy of notes.

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