Tuesday, March 10, 2009

UDL Conversations

Can education be transformed or is it just a dream?
I may be idealistic but I believe that it is possible to transform education. Not only do I believe it is possible, I believe it is essential especially when considering students who are struggling learners.

One way to achieve transformation is to incorporate Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework based upon neuroscience research which promotes multiple methods of engagement, representation and expression to benefit all students in our classrooms. The book Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning (2002) by David Rose and Anne Meyer elucidated the research, the framework and the principles.

Sarah McPherson is using social networking tools to encourage interested educators to join an online discussion of the book. The discussion began yesterday and continues through July 1. Join the Teaching Every Student ning and participate with other educators in grasping UDL principles that will transform the teaching and learning that occurs in your classroom. Sarah describes the Ning this way:
This ning is designed to support our learning community based on the book discussion initiated by ISTE SigTE. It is not a closed ning. Feel free to invite your colleagues, students, and teachers to join the community. We chose the ning because of its flexibility to host discussion forums, blogs, videos, photos, live chat, links to other resources, etc. It is quite robust and useful for all levels of participation. We look forward to you sharing your thoughts and experiences with the community on the book and topics it introduces.
It's easy enough to join the ning. Be a lurker or better yet, be an active participant and contribute to the conversation.


narrator said...

Real change has to happen. And we have to move now, because if faux reform by a right-wing president is followed by faux reform by a "left-wing"(sort of) president, we'll have proven ourselves to be in a spiral of failure.

I wrote my "five things to change meme" today, it'll appear tomorrow on SpeEdChange. But what's important is that we widely share the ideas you are expressing here, that I'm expressing, that come from Lisa Thumann or Lisa Parisi or David Rose. Sharing them with every decision-maker we can find.

- Ira Socol

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