Thursday, September 27, 2007

Through Another's Eyes

Came across this blog, The Joy of Autism, written by a mom with five children, the youngest of whom is five and autistic. Here is a sample from a recent blog post:
Adam has made our lives richer by showing us that we can, without difference and disability, often be living in our own little worlds, our boxes, our arrogance. Our willingness to open up to possibilities, and to learn from Adam and other like him, enables him to succeed and us to become larger. Adam is beginning to speak sentences, even though he does not speak much, and other days can't speak at all. He can spell, he is aware, and he is --God forbid -- autistic.
I can not add any words to what this mom says. Read the blog for yourself and understand another perspective, through a mother's eyes....

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mary yankowski said...

Hi Karen,

So true....we do learn so much from children that we call different....but really and truly, we are all different and live on this earth together. We need to adapt to each other or we will never get along.