Monday, August 06, 2007

Reaching Potential

The end of summer is fast approaching. As you contemplate the return to the classroom and what can be different with this new school year, ask yourself a few questions:
  • Are you reaching all your students?
  • Are your classrooms and materials accessible to all the learners in your school?
  • Are you inadvertently ignoring the needs of some students, especially students with disabilities?
  • Are there obstacles you can remove that prevent success for all?
  • How welcoming is your classroom?
When we create schools that do not welcome all learners, we are shutting the doors and limiting the potential for some of our kids.

Read the story of Yvonne Singer, a woman with cerebral palsy, who overcame limits and achieved her dream of becoming a college professor teaching online. Then, watch a video about Adele Schneidereit, another woman with cerebral palsy, who is co-founder and CEO of the Inspire the World Foundation. She is embarking on a mission to raise awareness and find a cure for this disorder.

Thank you to Dave Hohulin at UCP-Infinitec AT for the video link.

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