Saturday, May 26, 2007

One Thumb to Rule the World

Here is a video showing how Mike Phillips, a teenager with spinal muscular atrophy who can only minimally move his thumb, is able to independently play World of Warcraft. Assistive Technology turns disabilities into abilities. Would you want to challenge Mike in this MMPORG?

Watch some of the other videos on the Assistive Ware website, "Explore the Frontiers of Assistive Technology." They are impressive and truly demonstrate that all things are possible. Assistive technology removes the barriers once again!


samuel.sennott said...

I was so inspired by seeing video of Michael in the 422 class. He really made me understand that the SETT is about the student!

Gosh, his art is amazing as well and to see the scan speeds will never cease to amaze!

Axistive said...

This is both fantastic and inspiring! I definitely can't think of anyone who can do better than that, with or without full control of their hands.

Samuel said...

Meeting Michael last week was awesome. He was scanning at over 23 steps a second. It was very cool getting to talk with him.