Thursday, April 12, 2007

RSS for Educators:101

New to RSS? Still confused about what it is? I don't like to reinvent the wheel, so when I come across great information that must be shared, I have to share it. Why should you care about RSS? It allows you to subscribe to information and connect to the link only when new information is posted. This saves a great deal of time as the updates come to you through your RSS aggregator. You don't have to search out every website yourself.

Here are some great resources to help you understand how Really Simple Syndication works for you as an educator.

It Really Is Really Simple: RSS for Educators posted by Mark Wagner on the Infinite Thinking Machine blog sponsored by Google.

RSS: A Quick Guide for Educators by Will Richardson. This is an eleven page pdf document that explains all you will need to know about RSS.

Makes my life much easier. And you will be amazed how really simple it is!

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Brian Grenier said...


Thanks for posting this. I ran out of time (AGAIN...sigh!) during a workshop I was conducting tonight for some teachers. One of the topics I had to cut out...althought I touched on it very quickly was RSS. I basically left the teachers with a challenge to teach themselves about RSS over the next few weeks. I will be emailing them a link to your post, first thing in the morning.


PS - I am working on a reply to your last comment on my blog :)