Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gather Place

Brian Friedlander has asked me to offer training about the exceptional, educational features in Microsoft Word to his graduate students in his class in New Jersey. This is an exciting opportunity for me because I will offer this from my computer using Skype and Gather Place software. (Free 14-day download, watch the demo.) Gather Place calls itself the "easy and affordable web conferencing solution." The students will see my screen while I present and share applications and we don't even need to be in the same room, never mind the same state!

Some cool features about Gather Place are that there is no need for special software to be installed on the viewer's computer and I can take control of the viewer's computer remotely if they have a question about software use or computer integration.

Remote training is so cool! The possibilities for providing "need to know now" training are fantastic. I'll let you know how this works because this is a relatively inexpensive way to offer training.

And I thank Brian for showing me this tool and giving me this opportunity to use it for remote professional development!

If you have experience with this software or can recommend something else, please let me know.

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Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D said...

Hi Karen:
I thought the session went extremely well and thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. My students walked away with some great ideas! Skype and Gatherplace worked well and they keep gettting better and better. When you have some time we can explore some other collaborative tools over the internet.