Friday, September 22, 2006


Do you typically bookmark or save URLs to your Favorites folder on your computer? What happens when you try to retrieve them from another computer? FRUSTRATION!
This is when, a powerful social networking tool, comes in handy. is a collection of favorites that are accessible from any computer. They are saved on the web and not on any particular browser. You can share them with others and tag them to help you organize your bookmarks in a way that is otherwise impossible. It's also possible to easily retrieve other educator's or student's bookmarks as well.
What can you do with Besides using the bookmarks the way you traditionally did, you can now use this tool to help with research and collaboration. For example, students can save particular sites to a shared account that they can all access. As always, anything that is in digital format, is by definition, ACCESSIBLE! This tool is another example of universal design for learning which provides an additional method of representation and engagement. When combined with text-to-speech, all students have access to the links and the information contained in the links.
Interested in learning more? It takes seconds to get started to discover the power of this free tool for your students and for yourself.
(Please feel free to share your experiences!)

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Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D said...

Yes- is truly a great tool especially for students as well as presenters. Adding text to speech really levels the playing field for those who difficulty reading. Having a place to keep all of your bookmarked websites is really fantastic.